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Dan Martin | Houston Tattoo Shop


INSTAGRAM: @danmartin1401

Dan Martin first approached Scorpion Studios at the recommendation of a friend. A Houston transplant in pursuit of an art education, Dan landed multiple jobs as a graphic designer, but was disillusioned by the 9-5 world and spent his off time focusing on illustration and painting.  Then armed with a few simple samples of his work, Dan applied for a position at Scorpion and landed an apprenticeship with Matthew Wojciechowski . The apprenticeship was short lived and Dan left to take a position at  Extreme Skin Art, a novel shop ran by the late Walter “Wally" Jones. After Extreme,  Dan transitioned to the notorious Fine Line Tattoo – by Boots. It was here that his skills found their strength under the direction of Stevie Sims and Cornfed Singer.


Yeas later reconnecting with Matthew Wojciechowski, Dan returned to Scorpion Studios and inevitably acquired the shop itself. Now a veteran of the Houston tattoo scene, he continues to build on his love and craft with his  figurative work, illustrative style and unparalleled cover-up skills keeping his schedule booked.

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